Temple Hollows

Are you experiencing Temple Hallows?

Temple hollows with age. Everyone will experience some extent of temporal hollowing later in life. Treatments with dermal fillers or Sculptra will not only fill the hollows but lift the lateral cheeks and brows.

When our patients come to us with concerns about noticeable signs of aging, we always check out their temples first. Temple areas can be a tell-tale sign that the rest of your face may begin to lose volume as you age. Subtle changes in this facial area like differences in proportions, curvature, or surface area of each temple compared to the other, are all definite signs that there is loss of volume in the temple area. As a result, many people can notice that their face begins to look marred and aged quite easily!

Our Temple Hollows approach

When assessing the face, a good cosmetic injector will recommend treatments that keep the balance between the upper, mid, and lower face. If not, the face can begin to look unnatural and exaggerated.

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