Buttock Lift

Buttock Lift Treatment

A non-surgical Brazilian Buttock Lift can enhance the projection, volume, and shape of the buttocks using Sculptra (skin volumizer). Unlike other dermal fillers, Sculptra promotes the production of collagen.

This helps produce long-lasting results like with a surgical Brazilian Buttock Lift. When paired with PDO Threads, the skin can be tightened and lifted even more. Kybella, an injectable fat reducer, can be used to reduce the love handles and other areas around the hip and buttocks.

Non-surgical Buttock Lift Treatment

Non-surgical buttock lifts require no incisions or general anesthetic, as with surgical butt lifts. It also has a much more appealing recovery time than the surgical lift (hours vs weeks).

Results are long-lasting and often more predictable than surgical lifts. As with any procedure, make sure you are treated by a professional with advanced training and years of experience.

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